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Spring is coming in and so it’s time for a new Spring Breaks In. This time a fresh, varied mix featuring some unreleased tunes. Enjoy!

  1. Massimiliano Pagliara - With One Another (with Benedikt Frey, feat. Nadia D’Alò)
  2. Day Outside - Faraway Sensation
  3. Andre Bratten - Aegis
  4. DJs Pareja - Si Señor
  5. Machinegewehr - Carradine
  6. Electric Workers - The Garden (Vocal Mix)
  7. The Acid - Creeper
  8. Habibeats - Rum
  9. Forgemasters - Track With No Name
  10. Roman Wafers - My Love
  11. Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band - Sunshower



Rediscovering Fashion


I’m very happy to announce that at trend.nu, we recently passed over 150,000 featured boutiques and 3 million products trended. It took some time to get here, and we’re happy where is going. I think this is a great opportunity to review what trend.nu means.

Discover great clothing products online is difficult. Online retailers tend to feature well established brands while missing the big chunk of great independent designers flourishing on the internet era. Communities such as Pinterest simply don’t manage stock. There’s no easy way to discover and keep up to date with all new product launches by favorite brands every season besides social media.

Today, there are thousands of great independent boutiques from all over the world delivering great design and high quality products but unfortunately in most cases they remain unnoticed to the rest of us. When thinking of buying online, wouldn’t be great to be able to browse all these greatest products?

Meet trend.nu, a place where anyone including boutiques, designers and members can share their favourites clothes, and instantly buy or list them for sale. Anyone can buy and sell anything on trend.nu simply with a PayPal account without leaving the site. Now featuring over 100.000 products available for immediate purchase from over 3,000 boutiques worldwide.


A shopping experience that starts to deliver better results specially tailored for each member as he follows brands, trend products and create want-lists.

I have started enjoying using the site myself and It has turned my preferred way to online shopping by now. This has a clear potential for bringing new curated discoveries.

TREND.NU has a discovering algorithm that learns from the patterns of every user, making it more precise as is used. We also have our editorial curation team that makes sure that we feature the most trendy products.

We’re also working on new, slick iOS and Android apps coming out soon that will certainly enhance the discovering experience a step ahead.

Have you tried it yet?
Sign up for free @ www.trend.nu

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New time & space series mix. Featuring unreleased tracks from SINUX and Tony Gallardo.

  1. SINUX - Creamy
  2. Wolfram - Can’t Remember (Jacques Renault & Mark Verbos Remix)
  3. Mental Overdrive - First Run
  4. C.P.I. - Proceso (Barnt Remix)
  5. Los Mekanikos - Sentimiento
  6. Hardway Bros - Creeper Remix
  7. Blanc 1 - It’s All Over
  8. Legowelt - Elements of Houz
  9. Tony Gallardo - Tormento
  10. Matias Aguayo - Do You Wanna Work
  11. Aquarian Foundation - Caravan Of Dreams


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A very special mixtape with many rare japan minimal synth and pop tunes. Made with love.

  1. Haruomi Hosono - Sportsmen
  2. Miharu Koshi - Scandal Night
  3. Parallelisme
  4. L’acqua Sonora
  5. Yello - La Habanera
  6. Winston Tong - Big Brother
  7. Les Rita Mitsouko & Sparks - Singing In The Shower
  8. Anna Domino - Land of My Dreams
  9. Chinawoman - To Be With Others
  10. 細野晴臣 - Pleocene
  11. Hurricane Dorothy


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Recent mix done for the upcoming Factory.



New mix, enjoy :)

  1. Die durch die Nase Lachen (Long Hot Summer Version) - Christian S.
  2. Calor - Dany F
  3. Eat Me - Ana Helder
  4. Erotic Illusions - Nick Holder
  5. Drifting - Christian S.
  6. Time - DrumTalk
  7. Cowboys & Gangsters (Social Disco Club Edit)
  8. Summer Madness - KC Flightt
  9. GAK 4 - Gak



New ‪balearic‬, cosmic mix! enjoy